Fixing Slow Speed Computers

Computers are always prone to error like humans. There are many tips that must be followed to speed up and fixing computers that go slow with time. Many things must be dome to make the computer perform well with as the time advances. This will make the computer robust as it operates longer.

Maintenance tips can keep the computer perform better so the user won’t have to wonder why is my computer very slow. The person’s computer is exposed to a number of harsh elements on a regular basis, including heat, dust, and moisture – all of which can cause its deterioration and make it very slow. The first thing needed to be mindful is the way it is is turned off and on. The user should turn off a computer only after Windows has properly shut down; otherwise, adverse effects can occur to the hard drive. When turning on a computer, one must avoid entering commands until Windows has fully started up; otherwise, the computer will slow down.

In connection with power, it is strongly recommended that the user protect his computer from critical power outages and high and low voltage occurrences by using an uninterruptible power supply or UPS. A UPS performs better than a surge protector; it will help the user computer hurdle through power disasters of any kind and keep it away from crashes that can turn a computer very slow. Loss or cutting of power may lead to the loss of important data or the impossible recovery of files. Another way to protect from these unfortunate events is by performing back up every time. Most homes have UPS; the user just needs to search his house for one that he can use.

One of the most critical reasons that can slow the computer and make it unhealthy is the malware, viruses or any attacking program that reside on the computer which are viewed as enemies to the computer system. These types of virus can damage many parts of the computer such as the hard drive and memories besides slowing it. It is therefore important the computer user scan the computer on a regular basis against viruses. To scan the computer, antivirus software must be installed on the computer. The best ones are the kasper and Norton anti-virus software.

The user must also clean computer registry all the time to make sure that the computer will remain fast all the time. Many clean up software are existed that can perform the cleaning process. Cleaning registry is one of the secrets for maintaining fast computer. Memory cleaning will not just make the computer faster but it will prevent computer runtime errors.

Doing maintenance on a computer is easier than most people think. It is the best and cheapest way to make the computer healthy. If the user regularly does scan on his computer, it will save him many things including time, work, and money. Also cleaning up registry will keep the processor working well.

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