The Essential Mobile Phone – No Longer Just For Simple Calls

For many people the mobile phone is an essential tool. They are no longer just a huge yuppy device as used by Del Boy. These days they are a part of us. And for many people there is not just a single mobile phone that forms their life. Maybe office and private mobile. I have even seen of people who have separate phones for friends and girl friends. Some go even further and have three or even four phones. All carried around and ready to organise your life.

These days the mobile phone is not just for calling other people. Texting other people is the main obvious choice, but the standard mobile phone has so many other features. Many people choose their phone based on how good the associated camera is. When choosing my own mobile phone the main criticism was that it ‘only’ had a 3 mega pixel camera! My own digital camera does not have that good a resolution.

Many people do use their phone for taking photos, and videos, and sharing these. Blue Tooth is a simple way of sharing these files and then for a wider distribution you can attach them to a text message.

Even then, these technologies are becoming old hat. Now you can send files as email attachments from your mobile phone, whether directly using its applications or by using third party web applications. This is because many mobiles now also include web browsers and come with internet access. The high end mobiles even have extremely good web browsers, competing with small computers.

If you want to browse the internet on the go and your phone does not provide a good enough browser, you also use the phone as a mobile modem! Either attach to the mobile through a serial cable or go even more high tech and connect your laptop and mobile together via the Bluetooth connection. Excellent for sharing files or using the phone as a modem to connect to the internet wherever you are!

With many of the latest phones on the market you in effect have a mini computer to hand. The latest development is for mobiles to come with miniature qwerty keyboards. Excellent for people, like me, who get totally lost trying to type more than a few words on a mobile phone keyboard!

With the humble mobile phone becoming so important in our lives, their security is equally important. Locking the keyboard so that it does not accidentally call the emergency services is one step, then password protecting the entire phone so that if someone else picks up or steals the phone it cannot be used is an essential step.

If you do lose your phone then you could lose all of your contacts. It is difficult enough to write them down in a safe place and therefore, there are a few services starting up that will take an online copy of your phone’s contacts and store them. If your phone is lost, or if you simply want to upgrade to a new handset, then these services can restore all of the settings to the new phone for you.

But mobile phones can be terribly expensive. 1 or 2 year fixed term contracts are there to ensure that your provider gets back the cost of the phone you have been given, which might have been free or at least cut price. If you lose your phone during this fixed term you might still be expected to pay for the rest of the term. Unfortunately, mobile phones are not necessarily included in your home insurance so you should probably arrange some alternative cover.

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